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Amina Buddafly Five Things You Must Know

Amina Buddafly : Five Things You Need to Know

1. She has never been into Victoria Secret until she was 30 years old. Just several days ago Love and Hip Hop’s newest addition tweeted her infatuation with Victoria Secret. Surprisingly she has never been in the store or gotten anything from the brand, EVER. She’s been in America for several years and I can’t believe after 6 Valentine’s Days no boyfriends have ever getting her that Pink Perfume.


Amina Buddafly 2. Amina has a tattoo of piano keys. On the side of her amazing body Amina has a large scaled rendering of piano keys tattooed. She is the ultimate music lover and has turned that into a budding career. Although she is struggling to become a successful solo artist she has used her talents writing hits for a bevy of R&B Artist. Amina has also taught herself how to record, produce and engineer her own music.

3. Amina was signed to Def Jam Records. Amina was part of the singing trio Black Buddafly which is where she got the last name from. The group was named by her mom who loved Stephanie Mills. They were named after one of her hits. The group consisted of Amina, her twin sister Jazz and older sister Sophie. The girls had sang together since they were kids and after performing on the independent market in the 90′s they were flown to NYC to sign a deal with Def JAM IN 2006. They came out with two singles and after recording over 40 songs the girls never released an album and were dropped.

Fabolous4. Amina has connections with rapper Fabolous. Wow it seems like everyone that gets on this show has been in the bed with Fab. Kimbella confessed to sleeping with Fab, Winter Ramos wrote a book about being with Fab and Tahiry has also been with him. But this time this girl hasn’t. Amina actually recorded a song with Fab in 2005 for the Waist Deep Soundtrack.

5. Amina speaks German. Amina was born Aminata Schmahl in Hamburg Germany. Her ethnicity is Senegalese and German. She explains when she speaks the language it sometimes freaks people out. Her accent sometimes comes out.

Amina Buddafly

Amina Buddafly | Aminata Schmah | Biography

Amina BuddaFly – Aminata Schmah

Amina BuddaflyLove and Hip Hop has returned with an all new cast and the only remaining original star Yandy Smith. The music mogul and business woman will be joined by Amina Buddafly, a stripper named Naya Lee, Tara Wallace, Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, Tahiry Jose, Joe Budden, and Erica Jean. The season is filled with enough drama to compete with it’s highly popular Atlanta Franchise. Through all the bs that’s to come we meet Amina Buddafly. This beauty hails from Germany and has settled in NYC making it her home for the past 6 years. She comes with good intentions trying to establish her music career. Amina is musically gifted with a singing voice that’s a result of her upbringing. Her Senegalese father was a jazz musician and played 12 different instruments including, snare drums, saxophone, piano, trumpet and guitar. Her German mother is a music lover and constantly blasted Motown records in the house. As a kid she performed in the group Black buddafly with her twin sister Jazz. The name Black Buddafly came from the Stephanie Mills song “Black Butterfly”.

So how did Amina get cast in this crazy season of Love & Hip Hop? Rich Dollaz has been a B cast member since season 1. He is Olivia’s manager and her biggest fan. His involvement in her career made people think he was having a fling with the struggling R&B singer. But of course we saw in season 3 that he was getting close to Erica Mena. In Rich’s attempt to help his boo Erica’s career he enlisted his musical accomplice Peter Gunz. Gunz runs the management firm that hired Rich Dollaz. With Gunz invovlement in the music industry it was no problem for Mona Scott to add him as an official cast member. His girlfriend Erica Jean is on the series as well. Amina has been one of Gunz’ artist since she disbanded from Black Buddafly. Unfortunately she has been struggling like Olivia to get anything on the radio. But Gunz strongly believes in her. Some of her songs have been recording by big artist.

Amina also has connections to Fabolous like everyone on the show. She never dated him but the two recorded a song together for the Waist Deep soundtrack before she was dropped from the label. On the hunt to get her career going Amina has been doing covers on Youtube and most recently did an original song with Gunz called ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’.

Amina speaks several language. Because of her heritage she speaks German fluently and often catches people off guard when she speaks her native tongue. She was born Aminata Schmah in 1983. She’s 30 years old.